We Pay your $5.00 a month for you!

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you PIF in 3 and pay
their monthly - that is $15 a
month in total. Their co-op will
give you like a $20 bonus for
each one that you PIF'ed in & is
paying their monthly giving you
$60 monthly for their co-op...
This is a win - win situation here...

No recruiting requirements to Earn,
but you'll want to PIF others when
you understand how this BRAND
Program pays us.....

We have Many many wonderful
members here that want to help you.
All we ask that is in return you
Pay-It-Forward for three or more
members for yourself ASAP!! When
you are ready if you do not have them
then we might.

Join our team to get PIF'ed by
one of our Team Members:


If you would like me to PIF you email me at

tgrbb@yahoo.com with PIF on subject line & your info in the main text

Contact Win: We Pay your $5.00 a month for you!

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