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Security applications
that use biological assets of the person has been in use for quite some time.
Fingerprint scanners can even see in the PC casing house, iris scans and other
biometric devices have also become popular lately.

But for some reason
biometric security to date has been kept out of samsung nexus in pakistan
communications systems. The need for miniaturization is the biggest challenge
has been at the forefront of the engineers at the time to bring technology to
mobile devices, PDAs and other portable devices.

So far, biometrics
has been used to attach a device to a person not to fall into the hands of
unscrupulous people. It removes the illegal use of the devices. However, the
latest project IST SecurePhone called biometric data has taken a completely new
approach. It allows the person to digitally sign audio, text and even image
files as proof of their originality and authenticity.

The biometric data is
stored primarily in the announcement of the SIM card can only be accessed by a
verification module which also runs on the SIM card. This ensures that the
user's biometric profile is completely tamper-proof. So, this is one of a kind
biometric application that processes and stores the data on the SIM card.

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