National Wealth Center platform generates sales and income

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How does the Galaxy Profit System Free Rotator work?
Galaxy Profit System uses the National Wealth Center platform to help you generate sales and help you build your team. Once you join you will be assigned a galaxy with a button
directed to "your" personal National Wealth Center link.

We ask that you to help promote and your very own Galaxy which will actually be your photo which will have a button for your potential members to click. Once you have a member to sign up through your link using the Galaxy profit system they will be given a Galaxy where they now will be promoting Galaxyprofit and their own galaxy!

Once you have a total of 6 signup's which is 2 pass up's and 4 direct at the $25.00 Self Development level your link will be disabled only in the rotator. You will have a green button
including your name which means that you are qualified in the Galaxy Profit System FREE Rotator. Your focus is now to help your downline and other members to succeed. Team work is the building blocks of the Galaxy Profit System Free Rotator!

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