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your LED tube leads - $1


cut the PVC pipe you at hand in half along its length. Then ensure the holes drilled across the entire length of the PVC pipe at equal intervals and large enough to accommodate the led lights. Then, place all of the led lights into the holes and firmly affix them. Ensure that the polarity of the LEDs all have the same orientation. Now out all of your LED tube leads so that they touch one another as this is required to create the requisite lighting effect. The next, solder three separate series of 50 LED lights by soldering their joints.

Third, each series of LED lights must have the given resistor of 470 ohms. Now you must join your three series of LED flood light together in a parallel fashion by connecting their positive and negative leads together. You should join the four diodes together to create a bridge configuration rectifier and then connect the right points to the LED lights. Now plug it into test that is working as desired.

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