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2018 FARM BILL SIGNED! - ...in case you missed it! :-)

The era of hemp prohibition is over. Effective immediately, hemp is permanently deemed a legal agricultural commodity, and cannabidiol (CBD) will no longer be classed as a controlled substance.

This is HUGE.

The DEA is out of the picture! So the hemp products industry, read: CBD, will explode!

2018 CBD is a $550M business sector.

By 2022 it is projected to grow $22 Billion!!

So, just one question....How Much of That Do You WANT!?

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CBD is an exciting, emerging, multi-billion-dollar industry and it is now unleashed. The new economic opportunity to farmers and small businesses all across America is outstanding! Join us!

Special thanks to the hemp supporters and advocates everywhere who helped push this milestone forward, and of course to the US Hemp Roundtable for their leadership.

  • Publish Date: 12-28-2018 19:25:59
  • Contact name: Steve Miller
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