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MLM Attorney Kevin Grimes recommends buy MLM Products on MLM News Store


Announcing The MLM Products Store on MLM.News

MLM Companies are focused on developing MLM Customers as retail and preferred customers. Paying customers. Customers are not part of the compensation plan, Distributors are. That's a good thing. "Customers are good for business!" is a favorite quote of MLM Compliance Attorney Kevin Grimes.

If you are a network marketing distributor, you probably want to support the MLM industry whenever you can. When you buy a product from another MLM distributor from a separate network marketing company, you become a retail customer for that other MLM company.

If network marketing independent distributors ordered whatever they could in MLM from another MLMer, the retail customers this industry has would increase dramatically.

Until now, there was no mechanism to coordinate that activity. Until now!

Check the MLM Product store on the MLM.news website. You can go to www.MLM.news or store.MLM.news

Buy your MLM products here and tell your friends. Supporting the industry is a good thing.

What's the big deal about Network Marketing Retail customers? Aren't MLM Distributors retail customers? These are common question, worth answering. So find out more, and encourage your MLM upline and MLM downline to do so as well

You can find more information about the importance of compliance and developing retail and preferred customers on MLM Compliance Attorney Kevin Grimes' website http://www.kevin-grimes-mlm-compliance-attorney.com

You can hear more on our Building Fortunes Radio MLM After Hours Show:

MLM Lawyer Kevin Grimes also has an MLM Compliance Course on:
http://www.mlmcompliancevt.com and you can see more about Kevin Grimes and the Thompson Burton Law Office he works with on http://thompsonburton.com/attorneys/kevin-grimes/

Support the MLM Industry and do your part to he lp other companies with their MLM Retail Customers on the MLM Store on MLM.news

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